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1 a cargo ship designed to carry crude oil in bulk [syn: oil tanker, oiler, tank ship]
2 a soldier who drives a tank [syn: tank driver]

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  1. A vessel used to transport large quantities of liquid.
    Oil tanker. Ship designed to carry crude oil and petroleum.
    Petrol tanker. Truck with a container for transporting fuel.
  2. Member of a tank crew, or of an armoured unit.
  3. (surfing slang) A longboard.
    1997: I swung the tanker around just in time to take off with the lip — Neal Miyake, World Surf Day 1997


vessel longboard

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Tanker can refer to:
  • Tanker (ship), a ship designed to carry bulk liquids
  • tank car, also known as a tanker or cylinder wagon is a railroad freight car designed for carrying bulk liquids
  • tank truck, also known as a tanker or tanker lorry is a heavy road vehicle designed for the same purpose
  • Water tender or tanker, a firefighting vehicle used to carry large amounts of water to a fire
  • Tanker (aircraft), an airplane designed for in-flight refuelling
  • Any crew member of a tank
  • André Tanker, a Trinidadian musician and composer
  • Tank (computer gaming) or tanker, in the massive-multiplayer lingo is a character able to resist heavy amounts of damage relatively unharmed

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argosy, ark, bathyscaphe, caravel, cargo ship, coast guard cutter, coaster, collier, derelict, dredge, fishing boat, freighter, hydrofoil, icebreaker, lash, lightship, liner, merchant ship, merchantman, oiler, packet, packet boat, paddle steamer, picket ship, refrigeration ship, revenue cutter, rotor, rotor ship, screw steamer, self-propelled barge, ship, side-wheeler, slaver, spar-decker, steam schooner, steam yacht, steamer, stern-wheeler, storeship, tank corpsman, tank crewman, tender, tramp steamer, transport, trawler, turbine, weather ship, whaler
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